Hack Facebook

Hacking accounts has never been easier, particularly since the arrival of our application. It is being used online by thousands of people around the world, and it is expanding day by day, thanks to the positive comments about us on the social networks in response to that one question: how to hack a Facebook account.

Enter the Facebook link
example: http://facebook.com/matias

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How to hack a Facebook account in 2017? Follow step by step

  1. Enter Facebook, search for the intended user and enter your profile..
  2. Copy the URL in your browser (example http://facebook.com/name)
  3. Paste it in our locker that says 'Facebook web address' and hack it.
  4. Esperar que el sistema analice todo el perfil del usuario.
  5. Wait for the system to analyse the complete profile of the user.
  6. Download the user's password in text format.
  7. Try to change the password at the time of downloading the key.

How we came up with Famhack.com?

Today consultations on hacking Facebook are becoming more popular in social media, so we decided to create an application that can find those weak spots that allow us to infiltrate the social network.

Total anonymity

Our tool works with servers in China and Russia (known as proxies or intermediaries) so any identification with the person is undetectable, you will be 100% anonymous, being able to use our Facebook account hacker

Our tool

It is developed in PHP and MYSQL language, and our spider which detects the weak spots of the account has been created in PYTHON environment, it is this one that is responsible for taking our server requests.

Team of Professionals

We are a team of professionals in IT security, up-to-date in order to resolve any kind of problem that pops up in the middle of hacking a Facebook account

Clean Code

Our software has a clean code which will not pose any problem of malware, or malicious software, and it works day after day leading us to optimize it.

Satisfied customers

We have over 1000 accounts hacked every day and with each passing day this number is growing, since our reputation is growing and we know how to hack a Facebook account, as evidenced by the positive comments that we have received, our performance efficiency being very high at the same time.


Hack Facebook on any device

We adapt our tool so that a Facebook user account can be hacked from Google Chrome, Firefox browser, until it is perfectly visualized in Internet Explorer. Because sometimes it is difficult for a web site to reproduce itself identically in all browsers, we have made a design which is friendly to all browsers.

web responsive

iPhone version

With the IOS version, which is one of the current operating systems, we are in the phase of graphics creation, consequent to which we shall introduce our app in the market in the hacking category. This app does not need a fast internet connection, it is possible to run our application with a 3G connection, since the examining work is done by our servers. This is sufficient for making a request, but you will not be able to run it, if you do not have a network connection (WIFI or 3G, 4G). This application is being developed with SWIFT and its function is easy Facebook hack, which is the most popular environment being used by programmers today, the requirements are of iPhone 4s and go up with IOS 8 or higher versions. We have a team of developers that are trained to make this possible, and as soon as it is available, we will put it on the App Store for downloading.

Android version

It is the most widely used mobile operating system, it is not possible not to have one. Android allows us to tap other methods of hacking that we are unable to with IOS because of its architecture, for example to capture all packages like Man-in-the-Middle and be able to intercept the user password that is passing through the traffic network being used by us, for example, public WIFI. As we said, this app would require a data network which is appropriately executed, since the need is to get connected to our own servers, it is being developed with eclipse, in JAVA. When it is available, we will put it in the play store, it will be free to download and in the future may be code free GNU, other users can reuse the code, it will be open to further expansion of its utility, and for others to learn to hack Facebook from a cell phone

Windows Phone version

The Windows Phone version will be the most basic, since with a more closed SO structure, it is more difficult to perform tasks as we do on IOS or Android. What we do with Windows Phone, is create a web tunnel with our remote client that allows us to communicate with our web, this is the easiest form of developing that we found, since with system permissions, there are always some that are blocked. With Windows 8 or higher versions installed on your mobile device, the hardware requirements for running and using it have already been met. Our development environment is with Windows App Studio, this gives us all the tools to be able to develop it to the maximum and thus hack a Facebook account, for your connection we use the apis of Windows Socket, this allows us to link with our server.